Live WEBINAR - DECEMBER 7, 2022 @ 2PM ET

Live Demo of Adept Engineering Document Management for Life Sciences

Simplify Compliance & System Validation for FDA 21-CFR Part 11

Join us on December 7 at 2:00pm EST for a demonstration of how Synergis Adept can help you gain control of your GxP documents and align your teams on a centralized source of truth.
You will be guided through Adept’s key capabilities that can help you:

  • Simplify compliance and validation for FDA 21-CFR Part 11
  • Improve data integrity, traceability, and record retention
  • Centrally manage plant and equipment documentation for one source of truth
  • Ensure fast access to version-correct documents
  • Maintain an audit trail of who did what, when
  • Automate workflows with approver authentication
  • Manage CAD files including XREFs and assemblies, parts, and drawings
  • Automate transmittal creation and management
  • Enable non-CAD users to view and markup CAD and office files
  • Ensure document control with digital signatures, watermarks, and print stamps

A live Q &A session will follow the presentation.

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With Adept I have version control. I have a central source of truth. And we control access so that only a very small pool of people can check files in and out and do editing. A larger group can view the files, print them, work with them, but they still are watermarked to show that they were printed and after a certain amount of time they expire. So, the system meets our GMP requirements, particularly 21-CFR Part 11..

Ray Kastle

Associate Director, Supply Chain

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