Live WEBINAR - October 26, 2022 @ 2PM ET


Adept Integrator Demo: SharePoint, SAP, and Federated Search

Imagine your applications, data, documents and workflow steps all working together as one integrated system. Your data flows from one application to others without user intervention, and complete business processes are automated.

Adept Integrator makes this a reality. It’s one platform offering limitless connectivity. Join our live webinar to learn:

  • The top three scenarios driving enterprise integration
  • ROI examples to understand the impact to your bottom line
  • How Adept Integrator works

Save Your Seat:


It's all about your connections.

With 100+ pre-built connectors, you’ll be able to easily connect apps, databases, APIs, platforms and more in the cloud and on-premise, maximizing the potential of your third-party technologies and delivering a 360° vision of your business.

Code Free

With our user-friendly, code-free tools including drag-and-drop graphical UI and wizards, IT pros and business analysts at your company can easily create integration flows without any development background.

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Visual Data Mapper

Our Visual Data Mapper enables you to create your integration flows easily, instantly connecting multiple endpoints and nodes.


Manage & Monitor

Get accurate info about your projects through our easy-to-use web-based dashboard. See project overviews or drill down into selected project levels and timeframes.