Live Webinar: APRIL 4, 2024 @ 2PM et

Get Control of your As-built and Capital Project Engineering Documentation

Engineering Document Management (EIM) solutions can bring order to the millions of pieces of information required to build and maintain complex engineering projects.

Learn how control the document chaos of as-built, equipment and capital project documents with Adept EDM.

During this 30-minute demo, you’ll learn how Adept EDM. . .

  • Delivers a single version of the truth: Secure access ensures accurate information.
  • Automates revisions: Accurate version control keeps projects on track. 
  • Aligns teams: An efficient collaboration platform across teams and disparate sites. 
  • Fast-tracks approvals: Workflows streamline review and approvals.
  • Simplifies compliance: Meet regulatory requirements for strict environments.
  • Secures intellectual property: Keep your IP safe from inside or outside threats

Save Your Seat:


When it comes to achieving true freedom from chaos in your business, there’s nothing that compares with an engineering document control system

Adept engineering document management slashes up to 30% of time your staff’s time searching for information; and delivers global, centralized access to your most important documents in a secure, collaborative environment.


Fast Search

Adept serves as your single source for document access and control, enabling users to quickly find documents located anywhere.


Simplified Collaboration

See the ongoing activity history of a file, including what action was taken, by whom, & the date & time the action occurred.


Automated Workflow

Create, manage & re-use workflows that enhance efficiency, reduce risk, & ensure regulatory compliance.